here be dragons

The Scrying Glass

Greetings friends. You have reached the Scrying Glass of Y Ddraig Goch, the Last Dragon of Camelot. Tell me your secrets and I will speak of your Destiny.

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The 'Verse

Here's a list of verses that concern Drake:

Canon - fairly obvious here. Will strictly follow on-screen events.

More then Human - describing the period from Drake's human transformation until Tara leaves (The Tara Era)

Chrysalis - The transition period for Drake between Tara leaving and him becoming a stable, sensible being once more. Could take a while. ;)

Flying Free - *CURRENT VERSE* Drake has set up house with Norrin and his daughter, Ysgarlad - who used to be his dog. Dysfunction ensues.

Irony!verse - everyone-is-evil verse! Apparently, it's the thing to do. Drake is Sam's (lost_myshoe) pet dragon and will be generally dastardly and awesome.

Chocolate Fudge Kisses - the AU Future Ysgarlad/Ryan verse. Drake is still married to Norrin and intermittently fighting with Saxie and wanting to kill Ryan.

Unless otherwise stated, SWS posts are in Flying Free.

OOC: State of the Muses


So, it turns out this job is a little more intense than I thought...

I miss RP and I still love you all, but there's no way I can maintain the level of RP I entertained a year ago and I think we all realise that.

Therefore, I'm going to maintain a couple of active muses and set the rest to one side. That does not mean that they are retired - and I will be playing them upon request and noteworthy occasions (of which there is one on October 31st, I believe ;D).


human: sad

Day 11: My deceased

Dear Nicholas,

He thinks of you every day. He has not forgotten you.

So, if your young shade may find a way to this plane once more, please remember your father.

human: older

Day 10: My lapsed correspondant


You do not come home as often as you used to do. For the past three weeks, the young protector has been moping around the café, awaiting your return. It would do you credit to honour your suitor and disregard the unfortunate circumstances of your parting.

If you do not attend shortly, I will contact Arthur. Or send Norrin on his board.

human: embarassed

Day 9: My wish

Dear Lady Catherine Zeta Jones,

You are very beautiful. And Welsh.

I believe our children would be the best of all Dragon and humankind.

I would like to battle your husband in a duel for your hand.

Please respond, my lady.

human: grin

Day 8: My favourite internet friend

Dear en1arge_na0,

While your messages are both entertaining and frequent, I do not believe we should continue this discourse.

When my young daughter read your last, she burst into a fit of laughter and went to tell Norrin. This is unacceptable.

Thank you for your kind offers, but I am afraid I must decline.


human: upset

Day 7: My ex

ooc: and then I worked a week of nights. I suck at this so badly

Dear Tara,

Only some days, I think of you. When I do, it is like a dream, half-remembered.

You are perfect. Though I know you were not so in reality, and yet my mind plays tricks.

It is not fitting that I think of you, not with Norrin standing beside me, knowing me, loving me.

And yet, you remain.

My love,

Y Ddraig