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Name: Y Ddraig Goch (The Red Dragon)
Nicknames/Aliases: The Great Dragon
Gender: Male.
Age: Lost count a few millennia ago
Languages: Dragon, Welsh, Middle English
Mun: demon_faith

History: The Great Dragon is imprisoned beneath the castle of King Uther of Camelot. He is the last of his kind, the rest having been slain before the ban on magic.
He is currently mentoring the young warlock, Merlin, and instructing him in his Destiny to protect Prince Arthur.

Appearance: He is a large winged Dragon, appearing greenish-gold, and is quite an intimidating presence
More Than Human: He can also transform into a human male in his thirties. He likes brightly coloured clothes, but is reined in by Talia (toldfairytales).

Personality: Due to his advanced years, Y Ddraig can appear aloof and patronising. However, beneath the surface, he is wise, patient, compassionate, loyal and proud of his young charges.
More Than Human: In human form, he is quite emotionally vulnerable. He is easily swayed by the whims of his body and can suffer sudden bursts of anger, fear or lust.

Abilities: Apart from being a Dragon, which enables him use elemental magic, have limited psychic sense and fly for miles, he has the power of prophecy. He can see all of time and has detailed knowledge of the past, present and future. However, while he sees the Destiny of many things, precise events elude him and while he knows how things "should" be, he is not confident they will come to pass.

Continuity: Canon: The Great Dragon is keeping up with events in Merlin Season 2. (Some information here is the mun's invention - the Dragon doesn't even have a canonical name)
More Than Human: The Dragon asked Merlin for the ability to transform into a human in order to pursue a relationship with Tara (asunless_sea). He has recently opened a cafe (reddragoncafe) in Cambridge, Masachusetts and lives in the apartment above it. He is currently married to Norrin (star_core) and has a daughter, Ysgarlad (merchddraig/mrscarlyking), who used to be his dog.
Irony: Drake is the pet of King Sam (lost_myshoe). He is pursuing various liaisons, but is dedicated to Phoenix (ashes_ascending), with whom he has made an egg.

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